2021 Francophonie Competition Launched

2021 Francophonie Competition Launched

The Institut Français in Turkmenistan has officially announced and launched the 2021 Francophonie Competition, an annual creative contest for all French language lovers.

The competition is traditionally held as part of International Francophonie Day, cerebrated on March 20. It is a wonderful and big celebration that unites all French speakers across the world, and those who learn, love and are fascinated by the French language. 

The Francophonie Competition in our country is open to students of the capital’s schools and higher education institutions where French is taught, as well as to students of the Institut Français and visitors to its library. 

The 2021 Francophonie Competition will be held within three categories: a writing competition, an art competition and a French song competition. All entries submitted will be judged on French language proficiency, quality and originality, and relevance to the contest rules. 

Last year, entries for the writing and art competitions were submitted to the panel of judges. But the 2020 Francophonie Competition was temporarily suspended due to the global epidemiological situation and winners in these two categories were not declared. The song competition did not take place, as well. Therefore, the 2021 Francophonie Competition judges will announce the winners in the above-mentioned categories and will offer an opportunity to the participants to perform songs in French to determine the best of the best.  

Adults and teenagers aged 15 and older were invited to take part in the writing competition. Works submitted must be the original creative work of the people submitting the entry. The piece of writing should be either prose or poetry in French inspired by the theme: “The Most Famous Woman”. 

The art competition was held for young French learners. Participants aged 7-14 used their imagination and demonstrated their creative abilities. The theme of the competition was “The Most Important Woman in My Life”. 

The song competition is also focused on women. Adults and teenagers aged 15 and older are invited to perform any theme-based song in French. The vocal performances will be judged on the following criteria: French pronunciation and articulation, originality and presentation skill, and how well the contest theme is expressed and communicated in the song. The contestants, if they wish, can use sets and backup dancing to support their performances. Recorded video auditions and clips should be submitted to the Institut Français in digital format by March 19. 

The winners of the 2021 Francophonie Competition will be announced and their works will be presented at the awards ceremony on March 27, 2021. For more information about the competition please call 368370, 368371, and 368372 to contact representatives of the Institut Français.