The Academy of Preventive Diplomacy holds youth contest

The Academy of Preventive Diplomacy holds youth contest

The UN Regional Center of Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia announces international youth contest “Ambassador of Preventive Diplomacy”.

Participation in the contest, which is organized under the project of the Academy of Preventive Diplomacy, gives opportunity to young people from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan aged from 18 to 29 to join a series of online trainings on preventive diplomacy and intercultural communication, to develop leadership and skills of public speeches.

After the training, the participants will join interregional network of Young Ambassadors of Preventive Diplomacy in Central Asia and Afghanistan for participation in events organized by the UN RCPDCA and other UN Structures.

The initiative of the Preventive Diplomacy Academy of the RCPDA is implemented according to 2030 Youth Strategy and the Resolution of the UN Security Council on Youth, Peace and Security.

Interested people have to fill in relative application, to write motivation letter in Russian or English language, in which the following questions have to be answered:

Why it is you who have to be selected as Ambassador of Preventive Diplomacy?

If you would become the UN Secretary General for one day, what three measures would you undertake for protection of peace in your region? Give specific examples.

Motivation letter of the winners of the contest will be published in English and Russian languages and distributed via UN platforms and among the Government representatives of the UN members. Electronic version will be available on website

The applications shall be submitted before April 30, 2021 including to the email


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