Saksaul - the keeper of the desert

Saksaul - the keeper of the desert

The forestry collective of the Dashoguz velayat is consistently working to protect and increase the haloxylon forests. Tens of thousands of seedlings of this valuable plant are grown in specialized nurseries located in the region's etraps every year. So, this spring, haloxylon was planted in them on a total of eight hectares.

The specialists of the team collect haloxylon seeds every autumn to provide nurseries with planting material. The seedlings grown in nurseries are planted in various desert areas of the velayat, including on the Botendag Upland, where, at the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, on an area of 20 thousand hectares, a buffer green zone is created that can prevent the transfer of dust and salts to the country and contribute to the enrichment of local flora and fauna.

It is no coincidence that haloxylon is considered the most optimal plant for the desert area of the Dashoguz velayat. Its plantings strengthen the sands and protect agricultural lands and settlements close to the sands from dusty precipitation.

Therefore, the widespread use of haloxylon in the process of planting forests is especially important for the region exposed to the negative impact of the Aral Sea. It is believed that the planting of haloxylon has a beneficial effect on the soil, improves the condition of distant pastures. Their thickets are also a habitat or hiding place for many representatives of the local fauna.

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