Orders to Be Completed on Time

Orders to Be Completed on Time

Hundreds of weavers have begun to carry out state orders at the country’s largest Art Carpet Factory in Khalach, Lebap velayat. As a TDH correspondent was informed, exquisite handmade Turkmen carpets of different sizes are now being made at the enterpirse at an accelerated pace. They will be used as interior decorations for Türkmeniň Ak Öýi buildings, which are now under construction in the administrative centers of Lebap, Dashoguz, and Balkan velayats. The carpet designs boast distinctive characteristics of each region.

The factory will ensure the fulfillment of all the orders and the delivery of carpets to the customers in a timely manner. The enterprise with 2, 000-plus employees, twenty of whom have been awarded the title of Honored Carpet Weaver of Turkmenistan, has always been noted for its remarkably skilled and highly creative weavers, who make unique artfully handcrafted wool carpets admired for their beauty, exquisiteness, durability and national color. The employees, who love their work and cultivate a responsible attitude to it, have been steadily stepping up the production of high-quality products.

Designated as the Year of Turkmenistan: The Land of Peace and Trust, 2021 marks our neutral country’s 30th anniversary of independence, and Khalach carpet weavers are determined to achieve their production targets and maintain high levels of performance. And they have already proved this by their deeds and commitment. Since January, the factory has produced 1, 300 of square meters of handmade carpets and 1, 300 square meters of hand-woven carpet products. This year’s rate of production is greater compared to the same period last year and the enterprise boasts record-breaking output in volume terms.

Berdymurad JUMAEV