Healthcare structure is modernized in the north of Turkmenistan

Healthcare structure is modernized in the north of Turkmenistan

New multifunctional hospital for 450 patients and oncological clinic for 150 patients is under construction in Dashoguz according to the Resolution of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Two new big healthcare facilities are built at high rates by specialists of «Ajaýyp-gurluşyk» private company. New facilities located nearby along Gyorogly Street occupy together around 15 hectares.

New multifunctional hospital includes eight building sections with different number of floors. It will accommodate consulting department, physiotherapy department, arterial hypertension, pulmonology and allergology, cerebral blood circulation, endocrinology and endocrine surgery, rheumatic cardiology, general cardiology and coronary heart disease, neurosurgery, thoracic, endovascular and field surgery, trauma and orthopedics, urology and nephrology wards, surgery section, central reception facility, laboratory and other services. In addition to the hospital itself, the structure of new facility includes kitchen and canteen, laundry, workshops and storage facilities, car parking, helipad, oxygen station and other various facilities. Developed recreation zone with plants is made on surrounding territory for patients and visitors. Health protection facilities is planned to be provided with modern advanced medical equipment, which will allow providing preventing and medical services to the population on the level of the highest international standards.

Installation of interior engineering networks, construction of pillars and brickwork of interior walls, finishing and concrete works are carried out in different sections at present time.

New oncological clinic, which is under construction next to the hospital, is also represented by the complex of buildings for various purposes. Six building with different number of floors will accommodate outpatient and preventive department, palliative care department with in-patient facility, general oncological ward with separate men’s and women’s wards for 25 patients each, clinical and dispensary monitoring and radiology department with ward for 30 patients, hematology and chemotherapy departments, laboratory, pharmacy, administrative offices and other facilities. New complex will have latest specialized equipment providing high quality and wide variety of medical services.

It will also have canteen and kitchen, laundry, oxygen station, parking for service and personal vehicles, various technical facilities. Total area of vegetation planted on surrounding territory is 24,700 square meters. The territory surrounding the clinic with own recreation zone will be fully developed.

Hundreds of different specialists working in two shifts and sufficient amount of specialized equipment are involved in construction at present time.