Private transport and logistics company «TURKMENLINE» is developing a new route

Private transport and logistics company «TURKMENLINE» is developing a new route

At present, because of the market reforms carried out in the country, the share of the non-state sector in the country's GDP, excluding the fuel and energy complex, has reached 70 percent. This is not only quantitative growth, characterized by an increase in the number of private economic entities and entrepreneurs, the growing contribution of the non-state sector of the economy to the State budget, but also a new quality, a wider scale of entrepreneurial activity. Today, Turkmen entrepreneurs more and more successfully declare themselves in new spheres of activity, mastering innovative directions not only at the national but also at the international level.

Ashgabat-based «At-abraý» Business Society, also known as «TURKMENLINE», is the first private company in Turkmenistan to provide official sea and river freight services. «TURKMENLINE» provides professional transport and logistics services all over the world, including the CIS countries, Europe, the USA and China. In the new season, the company began to provide direct and transit transportation of goods by sea and rivers from Turkey to Turkmenistan, as well as from Turkmenistan to Central Asian countries through its branches in the cities of Turkmenistan - Turkmenbashi, Mary, Turkmenabad and Imamnazar, and in the cities of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Providing reliable services to customers at reasonable prices and speedy transportation of goods by sea is a priority for the professional team of «TURKMENLINE» employees.

Ogulgozel Rejepova