Visible voices

Visible voices

Often, listening to our favorite music, birdsong, the voice of a loved one, we do not even think about how lucky we are to have hearing. After all, there are a lot of those next to us who are deprived of this gift, this unique opportunity to cognize the world with the help of hearing. According to statistics, every ninth inhabitant of our planet has hearing problems.

In ancient times, the deaf, it was difficult to get along in society. For many, they were outcasts. The problems of the deaf became so urgent that they led to the creation in 1951 of the World Federation of the Deaf and Dumb. It happened on September 26th. Since then, this Day is a holiday and is celebrated all over the world. On this day is remembered that the Frenchman Charles-Michel de l'Epe, who developed the sign language . The purpose of the holiday is simple - to draw public attention to the needs of those who are deaf.

It is inappropriate to argue that the deaf and hard of hearing need special care. However, it should be noted that among them there are many famous personalities, talented poets, writers, philosophers and artists. They demonstrate by their example that even with hearing problems, you can fully live and enjoy life. Among these are the composer L. van Beethoven, the scientist T. Edison, the artist F.H. de Goya and many others.

The creation of the first specialized school in France in 1760 in France, where teaching was conducted in a new language - sign language, based on the old French sign language, was a great help for the deaf. The training used the "mimic method" of transferring information, when each letter was designated by a separate hand gesture. Since then, however, mimic language has improved significantly. Images and signs came to the rescue. To standardize sign language, experts from many countries, having analyzed similar gestures used by different nationalities, have developed a single language for all. And in 1973, a sign language dictionary was prepared and published.

At first, a similar Society created in Turkmenistan in 1932 united only the visually impaired, and two years later it included the second group, the deaf. The current Society has about 3.5 thousand members. Participation, attention and understanding of the problems of our citizens with disabilities on the part of the government have led to the fact that today there are successfully 10 educational and production enterprises that introduce people with hearing and vision to active work. In 2003, the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan approved the dactyl alphabet in ellipbia prepared by the specialists of the boarding school No. 5 of Turkmenabat.

Today branches of the Society are active in all velayats. They have their own developed social rehabilitation complex, in which various vocational training courses function.

The Society is proud to talk about their comrades who have achieved great success. This is Chary Ovezov, who graduated from the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute, after completing his postgraduate studies at Moscow State University, defended his dissertation and became a candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, and now is the head of the Society, Shabibi Osmanova, who graduated from the Belarusian Pedagogical Institute and works as a methodologist at the educational and health center of the Society , Gurbanbibi Arrykova - writer, in 2015 became a prize-winner of the international competition of the Asian Union of the Blind and Deaf in writing essays in Braille, Tirkish Bayramov - composer, writer, music teacher, Ovezgeldy Ordzhiev - prize-winner of the European Championship in headquarters (2003, Slovakia), which won prizes at international and republican competitions, Nygmat Kurbanov is a wrestler, silver medalist of the recent Asian Games in Armenia in Greco-Roman wrestling.

“The attention of the state to the problems of the Society has especially increased after the accession of Turkmenistan to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008,” says Merdan Reimov, deputy chairman of the Society of the Blind and Deaf, member of the Executive Committee of the Asian Union of the Blind. Today we work closely with many state institutions, we provide assistance in the activities of the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan.

The society is actively involved in the public life of the country. Various festivals, excursions, concerts and evenings of creativity are held regularly.

"GA" Correspondent