Preparing for winter season

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The forage conservation is successfully carried out in Dashoguz velayat for the coming livestock wintering. Availability of its sufficient stock is one of the factors of the success of important campaign. Indeed, the well-fed cattle in the winter period is a guaranty not only of the livestock viability, but also of their further reproductivity. Therefore, the special attention is paid in the region to the organized forage conservation. For this purpose, the temporary working groups were formed, which effectively perform the hay cropping, collection and transportation of plants, required machinery. In the daykhan associations and the state livestock breeding complexes, specialized in cattle breeding, the spring planted medic already cropped, cropping of the rough forage and corn goes on, the straw and concentrated forage reserves are stocked.

As a result, by the beginning of October, over 37 thousand ton of forage was conserved, that exceeds 80 percent of all planned volume. The stock-breeders of several farms of Akdepe, Boldumsaz, Gubadag etraps already met targets, the specialists of the specialized livestock enterprise «Garagum» of Gerogly etrap will soon fulfil plan too. The conserved forage are delivered within a short time to the livestock wintering ground. For sheep and camels, the farms specialized in the sheep breeding and camel breeding on pastures, the natural grass and camelthorn are stacked on the field and are transported as may be necessary. The forage reserve will be increased up to frost.

The livestock, including free range animal husbandry, is one of the leading branches of agriculture in Dashoguz velayat. Suffice it to say, that just in different state structures and daykhan associations of the region there are more than ten thousand cattle heads, about 100 thousand sheep and goats and more than four and a half thousands of camels. The forage conservation campaign is carried out along with the preparing for winter of the sheep sheds and cattle-pens, cleaning and reconstruction of the wells for livestock watering and other necessary works.

Batyr Urayev