The International University for Humanities and Development will host 5 Olympiads

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From 15 to 20 November this year, the International University for Humanities and Development, with the support of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, will organize five subject Olympiads in an online format for students of Turkmen universities.

The directions of the Olympiads are as follows: Economics, Philosophy, Modern Turkmen Society, Chinese, Specialized English. Students can take part in one or more Olympiads at will. The number of applicants for participation from each university is not limited.

The level of complexity of tasks of a particular subject Olympiad is provided for students, depending on their profile of training at the university. For example, participants in the Specialized English Olympiad will be divided into three categories. The first will include students of technical areas, the second - humanitarian, the third will be represented by those who study in the area of economics and management. The Chinese Olympiad will define two groups of participants - those who specialize in the study of the subject and those for whom Chinese is a non-core discipline.

Each of the five Olympiads will be held in 1 round and will cover one day. The official languages of the Olympiads are Turkmen and English. The final results of the intellectual shows will be announced on the day of their closing, November 20.

Registration for applicants for participation in the Olympiads is already open on the official website of the organizing university Additional information can be obtained by contacting MUGNiR representatives by e-mail

The first series of autumn Olympiads for students of higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan under the auspices of the International University for the Humanities and Development took place last year. Together, three Olympiads were held - in the Chinese language, economics and philosophy. This year, the practice of holding intellectual competitions has received a wider subject matter and acquired the status of an annual event.

Anastasia Kasyanova