24 October is celebrated as an international United Nations Day

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24 October is celebrated as an international United Nations Day

24 October 1945 is the date of the official creation of United Nations, this date is massively celebrated every year in the country-members as an international United Nations Day. Under the leadership of our esteemed President this international holiday is marked in our country as well. This organization was created to promote peace, freedom, freedom, and mutual trust in states.

Under the visionary leadership of our esteemed President in the epoch of the prosperity of our sovereign state, our independent and permanent neutral state pursues a policy of peacefulness, good neighborliness and mutually beneficial cooperation. It also successfully develops its fruitful relations with the states of world, including the credible regional and international organizations, both on bilateral and multilateral basis. In this regard, our country attaches great importance to the mutually benefit cooperation with the United Nations and its specialized departments. It should be noted that Turkmenistan has adequately held the post of deputy chairman at several sessions of the UN General Assembly and, on the basis of the President's creative initiatives, adopted a number of Resolutions of global importance.

Rate of development of Turkmenistan, which has a fruitful relation with the United Nations, foremost is due to its serious participation in the urgent work of the world community and its positive interest in contributing to the effective solution of important issues of concern to all mankind.

Bakydurdy Garayev