Preserving and enhancing traditions

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Preserving and enhancing traditions

The continuity of the traditions of one of the oldest forms of Turkmen applied art - national carpet weaving, is carefully preserved by the craftswomen of the new enterprise of artistic carpet weaving of the State Association "Turkmenhaly", built in the city of Gubadag, Dashoguz velayat. Now three carpets are laid on the looms at once, the canvases of which are based on the ancient ornaments “ortmen-gel”, “gushly-gel” and “pyshbaga-gel”. Although the main background of Turkmen carpets is traditionally brown-red or dark cherry colors, local craftswomen were not afraid to change the color scheme of the canvases to white, beige and pink, giving the carpets a special sophistication and sophistication. The size of each of the new highly artistic products is six square meters.

Gubadag craftswomen are famous for their ability to weave both high-quality Turkmen carpets with traditional palettes, motifs and compositions, as well as souvenir carpets of various sizes. Sometimes they create whole works on carpet canvases with the help of new interpretations of traditional patterns. The carpets and rugs made by them are of high quality, thick velvety pile surface and high density. The comfortable working conditions created in the new building make it possible to produce 150-160 square meters of products every month.

The canons of national carpet weaving are carefully preserved and enriched with a new creative approach to the choice of means of artistic expression by other groups of carpet weavers of the Dashoguz Artistic Carpet Weaving Enterprise, who intend to celebrate their professional holiday widely celebrated in the country with good production indicators.