International scientific conference is held in the capital

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The two-day International Scientific Conference “Science, Technology and Innovative Technologies in the Era of the Revival of a New Era of a Powerful State”, timed to coincide with the Day of Science widely celebrated in our country, began its work in the Turkmen capital today.

The international forum is held on the initiative and under the patronage of the President of Turkmenistan, the inspirer of large-scale transformations in the scientific field and, in general, the innovative development of the country.

The grand opening of the conference took place at the Engineering and Technology University named after Oguz Khan - an advanced scientific and educational center, which is entrusted with the mission of increasing the intellectual and scientific and technical potential of the state.

An exhibition of innovative projects and technologies was launched here, where the developments of the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan were demonstrated.

Prominent Turkmen scientists and young researchers from specialized institutes of the Academy of Sciences, higher educational institutions, the scientific community gathered in the conference hall of the Oguz Khan Engineering and Technology University, and representatives of scientific circles from twenty countries took part in the conference through the digital system. Among them are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, China, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan and others.

The agenda of this forum includes issues of interaction in priority areas of scientific research and the use of new technologies.

During the plenary session, representatives of well-known scientific centers delivered welcoming speeches via digital communication - Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, Academician Vladimir Gusakov, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Andrey Adrianov, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Academician Georgy Kvesitadze, President of the National of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, academician Murat Dzhumataev and many others.

In the speeches of foreign delegates on the digital system, emphasis was placed on the prospects for cooperation with representatives of the scientific community of our country in precisely the areas indicated by the head of state in his welcoming Address to the forum participants.

A report on the geopolitical position of the Caspian region, its flora and fauna, solving environmental problems through the expansion of international cooperation in research, development and application of innovative projects was heard with special attention.

It should be noted that Turkmen scientists regularly analyze the composition of sea water in the Avaza National Tourist Zone, coastal cities, and monitor air quality in the capital and other settlements.

Foreign specialists expressed their readiness to exchange experience and active partnership with Turkmen colleagues in the development of new technologies, participation in joint projects, test trials of experimental models for their further introduction into production.

The scientists shared the results of their work on the creation of new technologies for determining the tensile strength and seismic resistance of buildings, from setting up observation devices to field observations and data processing.

Of great interest were reports on new developments of Turkmen programmers, experimental and research projects on nanotechnologies and alternative energy, primarily solar.

Issues such as improving the efficiency of research in the field of pharmaceuticals, processing of mineral raw materials, etc. were touched upon. Particular emphasis was placed on the tasks of digitalization as a strategic direction for the development of the economy and social sphere of our country.

Also at the conference, concrete examples of the successful application of the digital system in Turkmenistan in the work of various structures were presented: chemical industry enterprises, traffic management, environmental control services, archeology and restoration, etc.

Foreign scientists expressed their readiness for a broad partnership with their Turkmen colleagues, noting the presence in our country of a modern scientific infrastructure, opportunities and conditions created for innovation thanks to the support and attention of the head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

Tomorrow the international conference will continue its work in sections. Thus, a meeting on the topic “Nanotechnologies, chemical technologies, the study of new materials and energy” will be held at the International University of Oil and Gas named after Yagshygeldi Kakaev. Turkmen specialists will acquaint the international audience with the latest developments that are being introduced today into the production of domestic industries of oil and gas chemistry, energy, etc.

Issues of scientifically based development of biotechnologies, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics will be discussed at the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences. This block includes problems related to climate change, tasks of agricultural science and innovative development of agriculture.

Information and communication systems, computer technologies will be the subject of discussions and exchange of views at the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan. Presentations will be held on the introduction of advanced technologies in the field of communications, software, space and satellite solutions, transport and logistics systems, urban management, etc.

The section "Technologies of modern medicine and the production of medicines" will be held at the State Medical University of Turkmenistan named after Myrat Garryev. In the field of view of its participants are innovations in the field of cardiological operations, microsurgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, traumatology, oncology, nanotechnologies in reproductive medicine, pharmaceuticals, as well as in diagnostic hardware complexes, etc.

The meeting "Innovative Economy" will be held at the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management. The issues of tax and investment policy, preventive diplomacy, the development of trade relations, the implementation of large infrastructure projects, the role of information technology, etc. will be considered here.

The subject, covering aspects of the development of the humanities, will determine the speeches of scientists at the Magtymguly Turkmen State University in such areas as educational tourism, innovative technologies in elite sports and sports and recreational movement, ethnoecological traditions, and computational linguistics. Scientists will also present reports on the results of historical and archaeological research, work in the field of pedagogy, art history, musicology, and literary criticism.

The International Conference “Science, Technology and Innovative Technologies in the Era of the Revival of the New Era of a Powerful State” has also proved to be a platform for intensifying such a significant dialogue. And with the release of a digital remote video format, it only expanded its capabilities and geography, involving an authoritative audience from different countries in relevant online discussions.