"Denizchi" won the Futsal Cup of Balkan Velayat

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"Denizchi" won the Futsal Cup of Balkan Velayat

"Denizchi" won the Futsal Cup of Balkan Velayat. The team of the International Seaport of Turkmenbashi achieved this success by beating Gumdag in the final - 8:1.

The struggle for the honorary trophy in Jebel was led by 7 teams, which at the preliminary stage were divided into two groups. The two best teams formed semi-final pairs, in which Gumdag defeated BTUM - 3:2, and Denizchi defeated TNDC - 12:0.

The beginning of the final match turned out to be discouraging for the champion of Turkmenistan. Already in the debut of the meeting, Gumdag took the lead 1:0 and held this advantage until the 10th minute. However, then experienced futsal players turned the tide of the game, and the teams went to the break with the score 3:1 in favor of Denizchi. In the second half, the Primorye players scored 5 more goals against the opponent, becoming the owners of the Balkan Velayat Cup.

The club from the city on the Caspian Sea was led to this achievement by the 45-year-old head coach Yakub Ovezov, who has been permanent since 2011. Under his leadership, Denizchi won the title of champion of Turkmenistan for the second time last year, and the mentor of the winners was recognized as the best coach.

It is noteworthy that five years ago, Yakub Ovezov helped the head coach Keohei Nakamura from Japan in working with the national team of Turkmenistan, which reached the quarterfinals at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Denizchi player Abdulla Nursahedov became the best scorer of the Balkan Velayat Cup with 7 goals scored.