Ï Creation of an ecosystem of nanotechnologies is a promising area of innovation activity in Turkmenistan

Creation of an ecosystem of nanotechnologies is a promising area of innovation activity in Turkmenistan

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The International Exhibition "Construction, Industry, Energy of Turkmenistan-2022" held in Ashgabat and the scientific conference "Development of Construction, Industry, Energy of Turkmenistan" clearly demonstrated the presence in the country of wide opportunities for the application of modern technologies and advanced engineering solutions in various sectors of the economy, creation of all conditions for innovative activity with the support of the state and the private sector.

One of the areas of such activity can be considered the creation of an ecosystem for the application of nanotechnologies. As is known, the structure of the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan has a nanotechnology laboratory that specializes in the synthesis of nanoparticles and the production of nano-layers, the creation of new materials with different properties for use in production. Experiments are carried out here, for example, to obtain nanotubes, which are widely used in electronics, the space industry, medicine, and construction. Laboratory specialists plan to produce carbon nanotubes from local raw materials - methane and petroleum coke.

To train specialists in this innovative field, lectures and seminars on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials have been introduced in a number of universities of Turkmenistan according to a special curriculum for students. This topic is especially widely represented in the activities of the Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan named after Oguz Khan, where at the Faculty of Chemistry and Nanotechnology, special attention is paid to technologies used in nanochemistry, electronics, biomedicine;

The enterprises based on nanotechnologies are increasingly being mastered by the entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, who are striving to offer competitive products to domestic and foreign consumers. So, at the last exhibition of the construction and industrial complex, IE "Kesgir Bulak" presented a "nano-mesh filter" for the windows of apartments and houses, which purifies the air entering the room from harmful particles and microorganisms. The new product is much more efficient and durable than the existing protective nets, features a variety of color textures and is easy to use.

Customers have already appreciated the products of the economic company "Tyaze saba", which produces toothbrushes using nanotechnology under the brand name "Cv-dent". These products not only meet the high international standards for the production of this type of hygienic products, but also surpass foreign analogues. Affordable toothbrushes "Cv-dent" as an environmentally friendly high-quality product, manufactured in strict accordance with sanitary and hygienic standards, has favorable export prospects. The first batches of this product have already been sent to the UAE, Uzbekistan, and agreements have been reached on its deliveries to other countries.