Webinar on the post-COVID state of children and youth

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Soon, Turkmen citizens will be able to take part in the first webinar on the state of children and youth after COVID-19. It will take place on August 17 this year.

The webinar will address issues such as the epidemiology of the disease, provide a systematic review of post-COVID-19 in children and youth, and ways to recognize the condition.

Participants will also be able to review ongoing World Health Organization post-COVID-19 activities.

A separate session will focus on presentations by researchers from South Africa, Denmark, Indonesia and a large global team specializing in post-COVID-19 follow-up of children and young people.

Today, the population, especially young people, needs more information about the symptoms of diseases in order to better understand and recognize it at an early stage. Understanding the characteristics and risk factor is also important. This webinar is dedicated to these issues.

To participate in the webinar, please register using this link

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