Use domestic raw materials

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Use domestic raw materials

Since the beginning of the year, over 300 tons of products have been exported to Russia by the team of the mini-factory for the production of plastic containers located in the city of Dashoguz of the Economic Society "Kämil gurujy".

The company has gained popularity in the foreign market thanks to the polypropylene and polyethylene bags it produces, which are distinguished by high strength, wear resistance and the ability to withstand significant weight. Such packaging material is produced here by an automated method on a modern Chinese-made production line, which includes all the necessary equipment for mixing and drying raw materials, an extruder, machines for making and winding flat yarn, fabric production, cutting and manufacturing end products.

The raw material for the enterprise is primary polypropylene of domestic production, from which threads are obtained that can withstand a large mechanical load, and, therefore, provide high quality economical universal containers for packaging food or industrial products. The capacity of the equipment allows the enterprise to produce up to 80 tons of bags per month, which in previous years were also supplied to Ukraine and Afghanistan. It should be noted that due to the high demand for polypropylene and polyethylene bags abroad, the company's staff today ships the main part of its products to external customers.

In the Dashoguz velayat, a network of modern public and private industries is being developed, using domestic raw materials for the production of products, including synthetic polymers oriented towards processing. Polypropylene pipes of various diameters, as well as disposable tableware for food products that are in demand by the population and trade organizations, are manufactured by a team of a polymer products plant located in the city of Dashoguz, polyethylene and polypropylene pipes for water supply and sewer systems are produced by a private enterprise located on the territory of the S.A. Niyazov etrap " Laçyn ganaty”, the production of carpet products from synthetic materials by machine will be organized at the individual enterprise “Halyçy gözeller” under construction on the territory of the etrap named after S.A. thread yarn and acrylic threads.