Students of TSU named after Makhtumkuli became the owners of the "Winter Cup" in the game "What? Where? When?"

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Students of TSU named after Makhtumkuli became the owners of the "Winter Cup" in the game "What? Where? When?"

On December 4, Ashgabat hosted a big tournament on the sports version of the game “What? Where? When?” organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkmenistan. Intellectuals representing the country's velayats came to the capital to compete for the Winter Cup 2022. Also, the erudite competition attracted the attention of numerous students, schoolchildren, game lovers and avid connoisseurs.

The tournament table consisted of 36 different teams that competed among themselves for knowledge of facts relating to the history of the EU and Turkmenistan. For the convenience of the participants, the game was held in two languages - Turkmen and Russian. Only three rounds of 12 questions each and one minute for reflection.

A competent jury followed the course of intellectual battles. It includes Vladimir Mkrtumov, Daniil Maykovsky, Sapar Annarejepov, Anton Perepelitsa, Nyazik Avlyakulova and Svetlana Bayramova.

As a result of intense mental competition, two teams reached the final - "Sirius" and "Great 6 + 2" representing the Magtymguly Turkmen State University.

To determine the undisputed winners, the teams were asked additional questions. And finally, the host of the tournament, Khemra Atabaev, solemnly announced: “The Sirius team becomes the owner of the Winter Cup 2022 with a score of 26 correct answers.”

In second place was the Great 6+2 team, with a narrow margin of 25 read responses. The national team "NZ" closed the top three. It consists of students of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after Dovletmammet Azadi and students of TSU named after Makhtumkuli, who answered 24 questions correctly.

The past tournament showed a high level of general knowledge among the younger generation. And in many respects this is a great merit of professors and teachers of educational institutions of Turkmenistan.

Currently, prestigious universities of the country conduct student studies on a permanent basis Olympiads, including international ones.

In addition, schoolchildren and students take part in foreign competitions covering a wide range of areas. High school students can also demonstrate their knowledge at the site of the intellectual project "Young Heralds of Peace".

On the eve of the celebration of the International Day of Neutrality - December 10, 2022, a student brain ring will be held on the basis of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, where young scholars will also be able to shine with their intellectual abilities.