Ï Protection of legitimate interests of citizens is a priority task of notaries of Turkmenistan

Protection of legitimate interests of citizens is a priority task of notaries of Turkmenistan

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Employees of the notary services of the Ministry of Adalat of Turkmenistan, especially in the field, often in their practice have to deal with issues of legal norms of citizens.

Taking into account this circumstance, employees at all levels come into direct contact with the population, using a variety of forms of communication. These are consultative meetings, just conversations in labor collectives, explanatory and propaganda work using the possibilities of mass communication.

By the way, such a requirement for notaries is written down as one of the priority tasks in the Law of Turkmenistan "On Notaries and Notarial Activity".

According to Article 24 of this Law, notaries are obliged to "assist individuals and legal entities in exercising their rights and protecting legitimate interests, explain to them their rights and obligations."

Most often, when working with the population, one has to deal with issues related to inheritance. Here, sometimes, the most unexpected and confusing circumstances arise. One has to literally "investigate" every moment, every nuance of the next "case" before making a final verdict and putting signature and seal.

In such cases, notaries have additional responsibility, since they perform notarial acts on behalf of the state. There should simply be no miscalculations and mistakes here.

At meetings with the labor collectives of Babadaykhan etrap, it is necessary to answer a variety of questions, even those that at first glance do not belong to the competence of notaries. These include issues of education, behavior in public places, the use of prohibited substances and many others.

In such cases, it is necessary to remind that notaries and authorized officials, in accordance with paragraph No. 1 of Article 67 of the above-mentioned Law, on violations of laws by citizens or individual officials revealed during the commission of notarial acts, report this to the appropriate prosecutor.

In addition, notaries and authorized officials provide relevant state body with information on transactions and operations that raise suspicions of the legalization of proceeds from crime.

Employees of notaries also do not lose sight of the requirements concerning the fulfillment by citizens of the norms of behavior in public places, as well as when they execute important registration documents concerning the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Feedback from the population, direct contacts with citizens are becoming an common and everyday thing for employees of notaries.

Such a "movement towards" benefits everyone and significantly increases the efficiency of the activities of notaries, which, in turn, contributes to the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens of Turkmenistan.