Ï Fashion collections for 2023 were presented in Ashgabat

Fashion collections for 2023 were presented in Ashgabat

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Fashion collections for 2023 were presented in Ashgabat

As part of the exhibition of economic achievements dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan, the Ashgabat Fashion House of the Ministry of Textile Industry and the country's leading designers presented new fashionable clothing.

The collections of young Turkmen designers are famous for their commitment to national motifs, careful preservation of the cut and color of traditional folk costumes and their modern interpretation.

On the podium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, floor-length evening dresses, formal men's suits, and clothes for children were demonstrated. In addition, at the stands of the exhibition site, guests of the forum could get acquainted with the new products of domestic designers who have achieved success not only in Turkmenistan, but also abroad. Recently, the famous Turkmen fashion house “Mähirli zenan” took part in the Milan fashion week “Mad mood fashion week Milano 2023” for the first time.

The show of the “Hazyna” collection aroused keen interest among foreign representatives of the fashion industry.

“Our “Hazyna” collection, which means “treasure” in Turkmen, includes unique dresses, capes and dons, created in national traditions with Turkmen embroidery,” says the founder of the “Mähirli zenan” fashion house, Aina Durdylyeva.

We are very proud that the art of Turkmen embroidery is included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. And in this sense, it was very pleasant to introduce foreign audiences to Turkmen culture and national heritage, which is a national treasure. Since ancient times, our girls have decorated their clothes with intricate patterns and embroidery from alaja. The secrets of this embroidery continue to be passed down from generation to generation and are carefully preserved by skilled needlewomen.

The participation of Turkmen designers in the international show was marked with a Certificate and a statuette from Milan Fashion Week.

To create fashion collections, domestic manufacturers use only natural raw materials: cotton and silk fiber, yarn, various types of fabrics. Fashion brands in our country rely on environmentally friendly materials and aesthetic appeal of design. Each collection is not just clothes, but an original artistic collection. National embroidery, stylized with ethnic motifs geometric and floral patterns continue to be among the fashion trends of 2023.