Sarry Karryev - genie from "Aladdin's Magic Lamp"

Sarry Karryev - genie from "Aladdin's Magic Lamp"

In 1966, the movie "Aladdin's Magic Lamp", based on the Arabian fairy tale from the collection "A Thousand and One Nights", was released. Although the film was produced far outside Turkmenistan, at Maxim Gorky Central Film Studio for Children and Youth in Moscow, Turkmen actor Sarry Karryev played one of the main roles in the film.

Sarry never dreamed of becoming an actor. He was born in 1906 in a Turkmen village. Karryev hardly finished school, because he worked at night in a railway workshop. He entered the factory apprenticeship school and soon got a job in car repair workshops. In those days, there was an amateur art group at the plant, where young Sarry had the opportunity to reveal his talent.

The conspicuous appearance and outstanding talent of the original artist brought him to Ashgabat, where the first theater studio was formed, which was later transformed into the Turkmen Drama Theater. Before the 1941-45 Great Patriotic War, the actor played many theatrical roles and acted in films.

Sarry Karryev, among his many compatriots, volunteered for the front. As a result of an injury suffered in the battle of Stalingrad, he returned to Ashgabat in 1943. He continued his film career at the Ashgabat Film Studio.

Many generations of fans of the Turkmen national cinematography remember him for the role of Ashir-aga in the musical comedy "The Cunning of Old Ashir", for the colorful images created in the films: "The Mischievous Japbaki Brothers", "My Friend Melekush", "The Adventures of Dovran", "The Decisive Step", "Ayna" among others. Sarry Karryev became popular in the Soviet Union due to his role in the movie "Aladdin's Magic Lamp".

Film director Boris Rytsarev approved Sarry for the role of the genie without additional screen-tests. Stage director liked the actor and he without hesitation invited the actor to the film set. From the memoirs of the creative team who worked on the film:

“Sarry did not play, but was actually a night watchman - cunning, careful and lazy one. When he told about something terrible, his eyes sparkled mysteriously in the dim light. Together with everyone, holding my breath, I listened to an amazing story, and suddenly a genie looked at me through the beard and mustache of the night watchman. A real genie! "

The best inhabitant of the magic lamp, an amazing artist, a master of comedy - these and other laudatory epithets were expressed by film critics about the artist. After the premiere of the film "Aladdin's Magic Lamp", Sarra Karryev woke up famous, but neither public fame nor recognition of his talent made the artist change. Until the end of his days, Sarry-aga remained a kind joker, with an open soul and a pure heart.

Svetlana Chirtsova