Preparation for New Year

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Preparation for New Year

In Turkmenistan, like all over the earth, preparation to the New Year holiday is under way - the holiday, uniting all people of the world, adults and children, in waiting for festivity and joyful changes. At the meetings of the government, at the meetings with the heads of the regions the readiness of the trade network and different services for the festive events. The great program of the cultural events is prepared, which will create the atmosphere of the long-expected fairy holiday.

This is a traditional ceremony of the lighting up the main New Year tree, which will decorate a square in front of the Alem cultural and entertainment center, and continue its way all over the country. One of the bright events of the Pre-New Year week will be a final of the creative competition among the young pop performers «Ýylyň parlak ýyldyzy». The main new year celebrations on 31 December will be held in the squares in front of the Alem cultural and entertainment center, State circus, and the velayat’s buildings «Türkmeniň ak öýi», where the festive shows will take place with the participation of the workers of culture and masters of the arts. The new year telebridge will link the capital and regions of the country. The national television and theatres of our country prepare the New Year programs.

The traditional New Year fairs offer the buyers the various New Year goods for decoration of houses, verandas, yards and gardens: New Year trees, New Year tree decorations, stuffed toys, elements of decor – everything in order to welcome New Year fairly and make the friends, near and dear ones happy with gifts. A wide range of foodstuff is offered in the stores for the holiday feast, and for the New Year design of table: glass ware, flowers, candles, napkins, vases. The owners of some private stores are ready to provide a special service of decorator, who will help you to tastefully furnish the facade of house and outdoor area.

On the Chinese horoscope the new 2022 year will be the period of ruling of the Black Water Tiger and, according to internet, it is better to choose the New Year dress of blue, black, grey and pale-blue colour.