Ï In the name of well-being of the people and further prosperity of the Fatherland

In the name of well-being of the people and further prosperity of the Fatherland

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The events of the past week determined the promising directions for the development of the economy of our country, taking into account the ongoing large-scale programs aimed at industrialization, formation of high-tech industries, introduction of innovations and advanced developments into production. The tasks outlined by the head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov to achieve high performance and bring each sphere to new frontiers of development aim at further prosperity of our Motherland, raising the standard of living of its people.

A solemn ceremony of opening a modern complex of cottages “Rowaç” was held On August 1st on the coast of the Caspian Sea, with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan, who is on vacation. The complex replenished the resort infrastructure of the National tourist zone “Avaza”.

This project was implemented by the private enterprise "Sabyrly maşgala" and economic societies "Güneşli deňiz" and "Kent gurluşyk", which are members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. The cottage town, covering an area of 10 hectares, is designed for 240 families and can simultaneously accommodate about 900 people.

Head of State Serdar Berdimuhamedov got acquainted with the infrastructure of the new complex, the landscaped territory of which includes 48 two-story cottages with comfortable rooms, a sports and children's playground, and an outdoor swimming pool. The Service Center offers the services of a restaurant, a SPA center providing physiotherapy procedures aimed at improving and relaxing the body, a karaoke bar equipped with modern specialized equipment.

On the way, the President of the country visited an exhibition of dishes of national and foreign cuisine, organized by UIET member enterprises specializing in public catering, as well as samples of products of Turkmen entrepreneurs.

The exposition consisted of all kinds of dishes from meat, poultry and fish, cereals, vegetables and melons, soups, culinary products from dough, dairy products and drinks prepared according to old recipes. Among them are tamdyrlama, ishlekli, yarma, dograma, different types of pilaf, chorba, samsa, pishme, suzme, chal, agaran, traditional sweets, desserts and much more. At the same time, the original proposals of modern culinary masters were demonstrated, in particular, through the preparation of seafood dishes.

Having proceeded to the cottages, during their inspection, the head of state inquired in detail about the conditions created for vacationers, the layout and arrangement of the premises, including beautifully furnished bedrooms and living rooms, as well as kitchens equipped with appropriate equipment.

Then the President of the country went to the coast of the Caspian Sea, where the conditions created for outdoor recreation of Turkmen citizens, including for physical culture and sports, became the subject of interested attention of the head of state. There is a well-equipped sports ground for this purpose. In the coastal cafe, visitors are offered teas from medicinal plants growing on Turkmen soil, as well as fast food.

At this time of the year, Avaza is an ideal place to relax, where all the conditions that meet international standards are provided. In this regard, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov addressed the relevant leaders with specific instructions on optimizing the measures taken to ensure a high level of comfort for people.

To date, beach sports have become very popular in the world, in particular, volleyball, football and tennis. Here you can also master water sports, including water skiing, rowing, windsurfing, sailing regatta, and cycling. Thus, the rich recreational potential of NTZ "Avaza" provides all the opportunities for an interesting pastime, promotes health and hardening of the body, which determines the prerequisites for the "pearl of the sea" of the country to become a recognized center of both international tourism and sanatorium-and-spa recreation, as well as sports.

On the same day, the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Deputy Prime Ministers in charge of the fuel and energy complex, trade and services, the General Director of the Transport and Communications Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers met with Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf Naif Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf.

During the meeting, the need to build up a fruitful partnership was emphasized, the prospects for further development of relations between Turkmenistan and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, both in a bilateral and multilateral format, were discussed.

The parties noted the importance of intensifying cooperation in the areas of transport, logistics and energy, as well as further increasing the range of goods and services, increasing the volume of mutual trade turnover.

During the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf on the mechanism of consultations.

On August 3rd, on behalf of the head of state Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the NTZ Avaza hosted a ceremony honoring athletes who won prizes in recent major international competitions - the Silk Way 2022 rally-raid held in the Russian Federation, and the Asian Weightlifting Championship among juniors and youth, held in the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan - the city of Tashkent.

Members of the Government, representatives of the Halk Maslakhaty and the Mejlis of the Milli Gengesh, ministries and departments, public organizations, the media took part in a solemn event held in the sports games building of the Avaza sports complex, where, at the state level, in recognition of the huge contribution to the development of domestic sports, a steady raising the image of Turkmenistan as a country of health and high spirit, prize-winning sportsmen who had the honor to represented their Motherland on the world sports arena were celebrated.

In his congratulatory Address to the members of the national teams of Turkmenistan, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasized that the development of sports and mass physical culture is one of the priorities of state policy. In all regions of the country, modern complexes, stadiums and other sports facilities are being built and put into operation, contributing to the successful performance of our athletes in various competitions and winning prestigious awards.

Our compatriots adequately represented Turkmenistan at the Asian Youth Weightlifting Championship, held in Tashkent on July 15-25 bringing together over 260 athletes from 21 countries.

Thus, a member of the Turkmenistan weightlifting team, a student of 10th grade of the Ashgabat secondary school No. 104 Medine Amanova, performing in the weight category of 64 kg among teenage girls (juniors), successfully overtook her competitors from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, the Kingdom of Bahrain and won three gold and two bronze medals at once.

A student of 11th grade of Ashgabat secondary school No. 20 Saparly Mukhiev, a member of the Turkmenistan weightlifting team, performing among juniors from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the weight category of 89 kg, following the results of his performances, won a total of three medals of the highest standard.

Our country was also adequately represented in the Silk Way 2022 International Rally Raid, which took place on July 6–16 across the territory of the European part of Russia, hosting 32 crews from different countries, including the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Latvia, the People's Republic of China and Mongolia.

The route of the rally marathon was laid along the most difficult and interesting route Astrakhan-Moscow, and starting from Astrakhan, the participants covered a distance of 4463 kilometers. Most of the route passed off-road: high-speed steppe sections, sandstones and dunes, difficult mountainous and wooded sections. The summing up of the 10-day rally and the presentation of awards took place in Moscow at the Luzhniki stadium.

The national motorsport team of Turkmenistan has achieved success in the T2 category. The first place, "gold" and the corresponding Cup were awarded to the representative of the "Turkmenawtoulaglary" Agency Merdan Toylyev and his navigator Shohrat Toylyev, who operated "Nissan Patrol" under the number "233".

In a solemn atmosphere, on behalf of and on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan, the distinguished athletes were presented with car keys, valuable gifts, vacation packages in the Avaza National Tourist Zone, as well as special equipment from the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Children in Need of Guardianship.

Expressing sincere gratitude to the head of state and the Hero-Arkadag for their constant concern for promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle, creating conditions in the country for practicing various sports and achieving new outstanding sports victories, the winners of international competitions wished them good health, happiness and success in large-scale activities for the benefit of the native people and the Fatherland, assuring that they would continue to make every effort to increase the glory of Turkmen sports.

On August 4th, in the early morning, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, who is on leave, and his son Kerimguly went for a walk and a cyclocross along the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea, and also performed sports exercises in the Avaza multi-profile sports complex. The head of state engaged in physical exercises on simulators and sports, demonstrating high skills.

The President of the country noted that each of the sports simulators has its own characteristics, is to a certain extent significant both for hardening the body and for the physical condition of a person, and if the exercises are performed correctly, then the return on health will be high. After all, medical science says: when performing sports exercises, the activity of all organs and muscles of a person is activated, he gains strength, his mood improves, blood pressure stabilizes.

The ceremony of putting into operation the Arkadagyň nesilleri Children's Health Center, built on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, was held on August 5th, in the administrative center of Esenguly etrap of the Balkan velayat. The event was attended by the chairman and deputies of the Mejlis Milli Gengesh, representatives of the velayat and city hyakimliks, public organizations, honorary elders, builders and residents of the etrap.

Children's creative teams prepared a festive program for the guests. In their performances, young singers and dancers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the head of state for his full attention to the harmonious development of the younger generation.

The camp, built by order of the hyakimlik of Esenguly etrap in accordance with modern requirements for the organization of children's recreation and building standards, occupies an area of 1.5 hectares. There are all conditions for a full and useful pastime, strengthening the health of young citizens.

Various attractions, a slot machine hall, a cafe, a children's toy store, carousels, an autodrome, a Ferris wheel, and a ticket office are compactly located on the territory of the Center. Visitors can use comfortable gazebos and benches, immersed in greenery and flowers.

All conditions for fruitful work of service personnel are created in the administrative building. There is also a parking lot, various technical rooms, a transformer substation and reservoirs.

This next wonderful gift to young people of Turkmenistan has become another clear expression of the concern of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the younger generation.

On August 6-7th, on the occasion of the Day of Construction and Industrial Complex Workers, the capital hosted the International Exhibition "Construction, Industry, Energy of Turkmenistan-2022" and within its framework the scientific conference "Development of the Construction, Industry, Energy of Turkmenistan", organized by the relevant ministries and departments, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country.

The purpose of the specialized forum, initiated by the President of Turkmenistan, is to promote the development of the construction, industrial and energy sectors, the chemical industry, the field of road construction, as well as to familiarize with the huge potential and capabilities of the country's commodity producers and equipment, the latest technology and services of foreign participants.

Members of the Government, representatives of the Halk Maslakhaty and Mejlis Milli Gengesh, ministries and departments, public organizations of the country, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, foreign and domestic businessmen, media, and numerous Ashgabat residents took part in the opening ceremony of the event.

The exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted expositions telling about the progress in the modernization and diversification of the construction and industrial sectors of the national economy, successfully carried out under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov as part of the implementation of state programs and innovative projects.

The exhibits included pipes, bricks, reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing materials, washed sand, expanded polystyrene, expanded clay, various emulsions and paints, electric cables and hoses, curbstones and tiles, dry building mixes, various types of glass from the Türkmen aýna önümleri enterprise, as well as oil and air filters, batteries, etc.

In the exhibition pavilions, monitors demonstrated new products and construction technology, automatic lines and mini-factories for the production of building materials, pumps and water treatment plants, panel and wall blocks, aluminum and plastic profiles, sanitary and finishing materials, as well as samples of powerful construction equipment from leading global manufacturers - various types of compaction rollers, bulldozers, earth-moving machines, motor graders. Models of administrative and office complexes, shopping and entertainment centers, residential buildings of superior comfort, which will be erected in the near future, were also presented.

The attention of visitors to the exhibition was attracted by stands reflecting the construction of autobahns, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and multi-level interchanges on the most important highways of the country, the construction of which requires special engineering solutions and the use of the latest technologies.

The trend in the development of the electric power industry is demonstrated by large-scale projects being implemented at the initiative of the head of Turkmenistan, in particular, to create a ring energy system of the country. Domestic exhibitors presented models of modern buildings - centers for the repair and maintenance of power equipment, "green" generating stations, etc., as well as their developments in the field of renewable energy production - solar panels and wind generators.

The Aýdyň gijeler economic company, a manufacturer of modern industrial and electronic products, presented dual SIM cell phones, smartphones, various types of monoblocks, smart TVs, split air conditioners, Internet network distributors - routers, as well as coolers for cooling and heating drinking water to the guests.

Heads of sectoral ministries and departments of the country, representatives of domestic businesses, specialists of companies and enterprises of a number of foreign states presented their proposals both in the traditional format and online at the scientific conference "Development of the construction, industry, energy sectors of Turkmenistan" held within the framework of the International Exhibition.

The presentations described the proposed progressive seismic protection systems for buildings and structures from Swiss manufacturers, the capabilities of the RIC logistics module and the mechanism for calculating transport costs, determining cost-effective transport routes for the supply of products, installations and equipment from a Russian company, methods of managing construction projects and organizing consultations for Turkish developers.

Issues such as improving the efficiency of research in the field of electric power industry, conservation of water resources, production of building materials, innovations in the development of the road construction industry, etc. were also touched upon.

Noting the presence in our country of modern infrastructure, opportunities and conditions created for innovation thanks to the support and attention of the President of Turkmenistan, representatives of foreign companies expressed their readiness for a broad partnership with Turkmen colleagues in the development of new technologies, participation in joint projects, test testing of experimental models for their further introduction into production.

Thus, the events of the past week have become another confirmation of the progressive development of our independent neutral state, in which all progressive transformations and grandiose achievements carried out under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov are based on innovative development and advanced achievements of science and are aimed at strengthening the economic power of the Fatherland, increasing its authority in the world, improving the well-being of the Turkmen people.